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Voice Lessons

We offer Package Rates for Private Voice Lessons & Voicework Sessions!

Stephanie offers private voice lessons & Authentic Voicework sessions that  cater to your goals.  Whether you are a singer looking to improve your technique, a beginner looking to learn basic fundamentals of singing and ear training, or someone who wishes to be free of inhibition and fear around singing to build confidence in your voice, Stephanie will work with you at your level.

Lessons take place at her studio in Bloomington, IN or online.  Contact us if you would like a session!

How it Works
When the voice has been shut down for very long periods of time (sometimes decades), and is finally struck with humming and sighing sounds, the client may feel an immediate rush of emotion. The process of opening the voice may take you back to the time when you last felt freedom in the voice, when it became hindered or inhibited and why. Clients may initially feel the grief which initiated the blockage. Creative catharsis cleans out the cobwebs, opens the energy flow in the body, bringing relief of the weight of the burden, and more of a sense of freedom to the individual.

What Happens in a Session
Sessions begin with simple stretching and breathing exercises, grounding the connection into the body. Simple vocal warm-ups follow, drawing from classical voice technique. Face and jaw stretches open the muscles of the face, throat, neck and folds of the vocal tract, opens the breath, and draws awareness to the body as instrument. Singing games foster a place for exploration, bringing out the child-like essence. Improvisation is used for cutting new ground, building self trust, without harmful criticism and judgment. It is a learning process to explore without self-judgment. As we vocalize, we willingly bring our selves closer to the borders of our inhibitions. When we begin to sing authentically, the heart immediately responds by melting stiff body armor and setting it free.


Voice Lessons                                  $50/hr

Package Rate 5-Lessons              $225

Authentic Voicework Sessions   $75/75-min

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